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Estate Planning, Elder Law, Wills and Trusts

We specialize in estate planning, estate administration and probate, elder law including Medicaid/TennCare planning, business law, and wills and trusts. 


The Pickler Law Firm was founded on the principles of advisory excellence.  We aim to deliver the best services possible.  The difference in our approach to estate planning starts with how we look at your personal financial situation.  We ensure that your financial and legal goals are accomplished, both while you are alive and after you pass away.  


When getting your legal and financial house in order, you want to establish the best legacy you can for your loved ones.  Our team of experienced estate planning attorneys knows the ins and outs of planning a will, establishing a trust, and securing your estate in life and beyond.  We offer customized life planning including a complete analysis of your financial, legal, and risk management conditions, as well as strategies to protect your assets and ensure maximum tax efficiency. 


As one of The Pickler Companies' professional service organizations, our mission is to learn about your goals and help you successfully navigate life's challenges.  We believe that The Pickler Law Firm is truly successful only when we are significant in the lives of the clients and communities we serve, and with our commitment to holistic financial and estate planning, you will be empowered to fulfill your goals.

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At The Pickler Law Firm, our attorneys and elder law experts will work with you in creating a customized will or trust designed for your specific goals and needs. 


Our job as estate planning attorneys is not finished the day you sign your estate documents and walk out our door.  As life continues, the administration of your trust and estate brings with it a stream of new questions and concerns. Our firm wants to be there to answer those questions for you.


We often find that people defer establishing an estate plan, not because they are reluctant to face the inherent finality of what they are planning, but because they do not recognize just how important proper estate planning is in the overall picture of the financial well-being for themselves and their families.


At The Pickler Law Firm, our attorneys and elder law experts will work with you in planning a will, power of attorney, or trust designed for your specific goals and needs.


The passing of a loved one is always a difficult time.  Probably the last thing you want to think about is engaging an attorney to handle the legal issues that may be involved. 


The attorneys at the Pickler Law Firm understand this, and take care in guiding their clients through the probate process.  They will walk you through every step of the way from beginning until the closing of the estate, and lift the burden off your shoulders during this time.

Everyone wants to make sure that they are ready for retirement, whether it be for themselves, their parents, or other family members.  It’s never too early to take proactive steps to prepare for this stage of life. 


The experienced professionals at the Pickler Law Firm assist families of all ages in elder planning.  We help plan for possible future nursing home care through TennCare / Medicaid. 


Families are often faced with the chilling prospect of losing the entirety of their savings, which they have worked hard for all their life, due to the exorbitant cost of long-term care.  However, by planning in advance, you may be able to preserve part of your legacy for your loved ones.  Whether you are engaging in proactive planning or faced with a more immediate need, you can count on the Pickler Law Firm to help. 


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