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Secure Your Estate with Legacy Link or Legacy Lock

Estate planning is not separate from financial planning - it is a key part! It can cause as much anxiety as any component of financial planning if you do not have the right support system in place.

With a Legacy Lock thumb drive all your estate administration documents are secure, encrypted and available only to those who need them.

We believe that we must approach estate planning the same way we approach any other part of your financial concerns.

That is why we have developed our Legacy Program. For a nominal cost, we hope to create a partnership with you for the peace of mind of both you and your family. 

Legacy Link Succession Planning

Legacy Link

With our Legacy Link plan we will audit your dossier annually on the anniversary of its execution, and make sure it is up-to-date and consistent with the current law. If something needs to be changed to conform to current law, we will call you to discuss it. If you need an appointment to discuss new developments in your life, that is included in the annual fee.

With Legacy Link, we want to establish a meaningful and ongoing relationship with our clients. You will have an advocate, an advisor, and a trusted partner. We believe you will see the value in this relationship, and are so confident of this, that we are giving you the first year of Legacy Link membership free of charge with no obligation.

As part of the Legacy Link package, clients will receive an In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) thumb drive. The I.C.E. Key will contain your estate documents.


You can also add your important health information such as current medications, allergies, and medical conditions. The I.C.E. Key conveniently attaches to your keychain, easily accessible to those who need it.

Legacy Link ICE Key

Legacy Link is the core service in the Legacy Program, and an essential part of your estate planning checklist.

Annual Estate Planning Management

State-of-the-Art Estate Administration

Legacy Link Package

  • $100/Year

  • Annual Estate Plan Check-Up

  • Yearly 1-on-1 Meeting With Our Attorneys

  • $100 Discount Automatically Applied for Edits

  • Replacement of Lost Estate Plan Documents

  • I.C.E. Key Containing Your Estate Documents


Legacy Lock Excecutive Succession Planning

Iron Key

With a busy life comes a complex digital footprint. From social and business networking to banking and investments, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the endless usernames and passwords, not to mention your favorite pictures and videos.

As a member of Legacy Lock, you will receive the IRONKEY™ – a portable storage device with military-grade encryption. Your estate documents, login information, and other confidential data could not be safer, and can be conveniently stored on your keychain. If a stranger tries to force their way into your files, after ten attempts, your information will be erased.

With Legacy Lock, you can keep your life in order, your estate in order, and have the peace of mind that all of your information is safe and secure.

IRONKEY™ Encryption For Your Digital Footprint

With Legacy Lock executive service our goal is to establish ourselves as significant in the lives of our clients all year long.

In addition to the annual check-up to review your estate plan, you have the added bonus of year-long availability for all of your legal questions and concerns.

Executive-Level Estate Planning and Administration

Your membership provides you with two hours of prepaid legal consultation or work on any matter you may have, whether it is estate planning or a completely different area of law.


You will also receive complimentary storage for your original estate planning documents, so that you, your heirs, and your fiduciaries will know how and where to obtain them.

For your first year, we are offering a $100 discount for membership in this program. As a member, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you have an ally for any legal issue that life throws your way – an attorney on call for those times when “life happens”.

Iron Key
Legacy Lock

Legacy Lock Package

  • $250/Year

  • Annual Estate Plan Check-Up

  • Available Any Time for Your Estate Plan Questions

  • Unlimited Minor Revisions

  • Replacement of Lost Estate Plan Documents

  • Two Hours of Prepaid Consultation or Legal Work

  • Assistance with Beneficiary Designations

  • Secure Storage of Your Legal Documents

  • IRONKEY Containing Your Encrypted Estate Documents

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