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Remembering Phil Bryant and his Legacy

Photo: Mark Weber/The Daily Memphian


When Phil received his diagnosis, it was of utmost importance to him that the legacy of Bryant's Breakfast lived on for many years. That is exactly what he did, and to no surprise, he left a legacy for himself as well.

We are honored to have helped facilitate Phil's request by finding an owner to carry the torch and preserve the Bryant's name and the loving, generous hospitality that has become synonymous with this iconic restaurant.

Bryant's Breakfast is the Memphis version of Cheers. It's truly a place where everyone knows your name. The atmosphere is electric. The staff is like family. The establishment is Memphis to its core. And there's not a soul who doesn't love Bryant's (no matter how long the line may be.) This is a testament to Phil and his family's hard work on creating an unforgettable experience for all.

Phil was never caught up in the local fame that Bryant's brought him. He was humble, he was warm, and he was generous. He was focused on working day-in and day-out to provide the best breakfast in Memphis as well as the best experience for patrons of the restaurant. And for that, all Memphians should be grateful.

Phil, we love you. You are sorely missed by all, and we look forward to sharing memories of your life for many years to come.

You left a long shadow, friend. You blazed a trail. And you taught us all how to live and serve.

God bless,

The Pickler Companies family of firms

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