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Russell really seems to genuinely care about people and their needs. He's easy to talk with, answered my questions clearly and is very personable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal services for estate planning.


I have consulted Russell for various legal advice items and have always found him to be responsive, clear, conversant and timely with his help toward me. I trusted him with my delicate Family Law issues which he handled masterfully. Much of his work with me was in completing a full afterlife package including complicated and tedious trust creation, Healthcare and Advance Directive  POA's, and various Durable POA items. 

Russell is knowledgeable, patient, willing to research various points of law, and provides the best product tailored to the individual. You may work with him candidly, confidentially and with the assuredness that you're doing the right thing with the right attorney. Bonus: Russell is very likeable!


The meeting was very thorough and clear. I would recommend this attorney to anyone who needed his type of advise.


Mr. Hayes gave me excellent advice concerning my estate. Since the majority of my assets were IRAs, he did not recommend putting them in a trust. He listened carefully to my wishes concerning my will and was very prompt in completing the updates.


There were many questions that my wife and I had about beneficiary designations and the benefits of having a trust rather than a will. The Pickler team was very helpful with all of our questions. We attended a "Game of Thrones" themed presentation about why it is important to set up a trust. If you are considering creating a will or trust, I highly recommend contacting Russell at Pickler. He will assist you in making the decision that is right for you and your assets.


I went to Russell in need of a new will not long ago, but as it turns out because of some stipulations in a contract I had entered into years ago my effort to designate the heirs I wanted was impeded, that was not much of a problem for Russell, he wrote the will in such a manner so as to make it highly unlikely that the other parties to the contract will try to enforce those stipulations, thanks Russell.


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