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We specialize in estate planning, estate administration and probate, business formation, business succession planning, and wills and trusts.


The Pickler Law Firm was founded on the principles of advisory excellence. We aim to deliver the best services possible. The difference in our approach to estate planning starts with how we look at your personal financial situation. We ensure that your financial and legal goals are accomplished, both while you are alive and after you pass away.  


When getting your legal and financial house in order, you want to establish the best legacy you can for your loved ones. Our team of experienced estate planning attorneys knows the ins and outs of planning a will, establishing a trust, and securing your estate in life and beyond. We offer customized life planning including a complete analysis of your financial, legal, and risk management conditions, as well as strategies to protect your assets and ensure maximum tax efficiency. 


As one of The Pickler Companies' professional service organizations, our mission is to learn about your goals and help you successfully navigate life's challenges. We believe that The Pickler Law Firm is truly successful only when we are significant in the lives of the clients and communities we serve, and with our commitment to holistic financial and estate planning, you will be empowered to fulfill your goals.

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